Technological Solutions

Fully automatic waste sorting systems for Moscow

In August 2019, CMS ECO Service, a subsidiary of CMS S.A., received an order to build two fully automatic waste sorting systems for mixed household waste Moscow. So far, household waste has been disposed of in landfills or incineration plants without pretreatment.
The material will now be sorted into different fractions using vibration drums, magnetic technology, ballistic separators, near infrared technology (NIR) and X-ray technology. Every year, a range of valuable materials (paper/cardboard, plastics, metals, organic waste and inert substances) is recovered from 1 million tons of household waste. The residual waste, which was previously screened, can be used as landfill cover or alternative fuel after further treatment processes. The throughput of the sorting systems is 80 tons per hour.
The entire system design and detailed planning were developed by CMS S.A., CMS ECO Service and professional partner companies. The scope of services extends to design, production, completion, delivery, installation, commissioning and training. Specialists from CMS ECO Service are ready to take over the maintenance and technical operations after commissioning. Installation began on March 10, 2020, and acceptance of the first system is already planned for the end of 2020.
The project as a whole makes an important contribution to managing the waste volumes in the metropolis of Moscow and contributes to increasing the recycling rates of household waste.