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Metal constructions STL671028

Metal constructions STL671028

The term steel construction encompasses support structures for machines and inspections and corresponds to the generally recognized rules and the state of the art. The minimum qualities for steel structures are observed and depending on the application, correspondingly higher steel qualities are used. The steel structures and walkways indicated in the layout represent a draft. Reliable steel construction planning takes place during the detailed planning. The inspection concept, particularly with regard to accessibility for maintenance and repair, is discussed in detail with the customer during detailed planning and approved by the customer.

The steel structure in general, as well as bridges, stairs and platforms are checked and constructed in such a way that they can withstand the corresponding loads.
The welds are adapted to the static requirements. When dimensioning the steel structures, wind loads and vibrations that are triggered by machines are also taken into account. The steel structure is anchored directly to the hall floor using heavy-duty dowels. The fastening materials comply with the relevant EN, ISO and DIN standards.

The surface coating consists of two-component single-layer paintwork. Conveyor belts are attached to galvanized supports, which are made up of a modular support system.

All railings on catwalks and stairs are built from one system. They consist of galvanized posts, handrails, knee rails and baseboards. Connecting parts, hinges, fastening points, brackets and fittings give the system sufficient rigidity and stability.